We take user privacy and security very seriously and are 100% compliant with GDPR laws

Effective as of January 1, 2021


Our Membership Services provide value to users by turning email signatures into new or updated contacts in their address book. Users must authorize bizibee to have access to their account to automatically collect header information and signature blocks contained in the emails.

bizibee provides site visitors with information on privacy and compliance prior to any sign-up for our Membership Services. By signing up, users consent to the terms.

Users do receive product specific emails from time to time. They can change frequency settings or fully opt-out at any time. Any marketing emails require an additional opt-in.

Data Compliance

This section describes how the data is collected, stored and maintained by bizibee during the whole client-life inside bizibee’s systems:

  • bizibee keeps all user data private. bizibee never sells data about his users to anyone
  • bizibee manages and controls how the data is stored
  • bizibee replies to any customer request about his data in less than a month
  • Inquiries regarding personal information and information removal are always free of charge
  • A disclaimer is available on our website defining how bizibee uses cookies and how to opt-out

Our Team

Our staff is trained on and up to speed on what it means to be GDPR compliant. We ensure no personally identifiable information is ever shared on internal communication channels. We are extremely responsive and can be with questions.

While the GDPR applies specifically to people located in European Union member states, you can reach our DPO even if you don’t live inside the European Union for all matters related to your data privacy and how’s it’s managed by bizibee.

bizibee’s European Point of Contact is available on simple demand.