The new online business management simulation product from ARI Systems! As a software company specializing in immersive learning experiences, we understand the challenges faced by modern business educators. Providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their careers is no easy task. Traditional teaching methods that rely solely on imparting information are not enough. While they may be excellent at building foundational concepts, they often leave students unprepared and disengaged when it comes to applying that knowledge in real-world situations.

That’s where «bizibee» comes in. Our business simulations quickly transform basic concepts into immersive, web-based experiences that measure and develop critical skills in a real-world context. Designed for use by teams working in a competitive and dynamic market, our simulations provide students with a familiar environment in which to work together and make strategic, cross-functional decisions that drive growth. This “day in the life” experience allows students to evaluate and improve their critical career skills while navigating real-life scenarios.

«bizibee»’s powerful and engaging experience enhances student participation and development. With «bizibee academia», we’re excited to offer a product that helps educators create a more fun and effective learning experience for their students. Whether you’re teaching at a university or MBA program, «bizibee» can help you prepare your students for the next stage of their careers.