«bizibee FMCG» is a cutting-edge sales simulation tool designed for sales development teams in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Selling involves much more than meets the eye. Every step taken, every decision made, carries weight and impact on a company’s overall results.

The «bizibee FMCG» simulation allows participants to explore real customer business experiences and act like a real professional, making strategic and actionable decisions in real-time sales scenarios. In this simulation, participants will calculate every variable, keep a fixed budget in a constantly changing market, and face customer demands head-on.

The key to success is to focus on both the customer and the bottom line simultaneously. The simulation has been carefully designed to showcase the contemporary sales methods of a leading company in this sector.

With «bizibee FMCG», sales development teams can gain invaluable insights and experience, making better decisions that will drive business results. The simulation provides a risk-free environment to practice, experiment and learn from mistakes, ultimately improving their performance in real-life scenarios.

«bizibee FMCG» is the ideal tool for companies looking to develop their sales teams and stay ahead of the competition in the FMCG sector.


We provide the following applications with powerful core functionalities.

The «bizibee FMCG Core» is a fundamental application that involves a question-and-answer format. Its purpose is to enhance the sales knowledge of participants, enable them to make collective decisions with their teams, implement those decisions, and subsequently compare their company’s performance to that of other teams. Key performance indicators used in these comparisons include profitability and market share.

The «bizibee FMCG Planogram» application enables participants to rapidly create visually appealing planograms for the shelf layout of the store or retailer they are visiting. This can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Once complete, the planogram can be downloaded as an image and submitted for scoring via the «bizibee FMCG Core» application.